Careers with ROGEE®
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Careers with ROGEE®
Career Application Process

Six Steps to Success

Welcome to ROGEE®. We are pleased at your interest in having a career with ROGEE®. As with our entire workforce, we want you to become a successful individual within the ROGEE® workspace ecosystem and, therefore, we have setup this ''Career Application Process'' page to give you the recommended steps you should follow to increase your chances of landing the ROGEE® virtual career that is perfect for you:

1. CEO's Message

Read this quick welcome message from our Founder and CEO so you can begin to understand our company culture as intended by our Founder since the start of our company (ROGEE® Inc.) in 1996.

2. ROGEE® Business Philosophy

Every company has its own internal belief system that determines the way the company operates. It is necessary that as prospective team-member you read this declaration to have a basic understanding our company's Business Philosophy before you decide to join us. We want to make sure that ROGEE® will be as much a fit for you as YOU would be a fit for ROGEE®.

3. Understand our BUSINESS SOLUTIONS

Read up at so that you are familiar with the products and services we provide for our business customers. At minimum, read up the sections that relate to the projects or jobs you wish to engage in at ROGEE®. As you read through, take notes on how and where you see yourself being a perfect fit within the ROGEE® workspace ecosystem.

4. Understand our CONSUMER PRODUCTS

Read up at so that you are familiar with the current products and services we provide for consumers (the general public). As you read through, take notes on how and where you see yourself being a perfect fit within the ROGEE® workspace ecosystem in relation to our consumer products.

5. Submit Your Information ONLINE Only

Click or scroll to the CAREERS WITH ROGEE form at this website (ROGEE.COM). Fill in and submit the form. Provide all requested information. Use the MESSAGE field to tell us more about yourself, in particular, how and where you see yourself being a perfect fit within the ROGEE® workspace ecosystem.

6. Wait to Hear from Us

We will respond to every submission received through the website (ROGEE.COM). The appropriate ROGEE® Team Leader will contact you accordingly. Where necessary, we may request additional information. NOTE: If you don't hear from us within 30 days, please feel free to contact us by phone.

Glossary of Terms:

Wherever you find the terms below within the ROGEE® ecosystem, in particular, at the ''Careers with ROGEE®'' section of our website, their meanings will be as defined below:

1. Digital Nomads

Nomad -- dictionary definition -- a member of a people that have no permanent abode, but moves about from place to place, usually seasonally and often following a traditional route according to the state of the pasturage, [work], or food supply.

Digital nomad -- ROGEE definition -- a business professional who has no permanent, single, or stationary workplace, but uses telecommunications technologies to work remotely from any location with Internet connectivity to get work tasks done.

2. IndieCons

The three types of workers that existing in most businesses are: employees, volunteers, and independent contractors (IndieCons). An Independent Contractor (IndieCon) is an individual or company (the vendor) who provides services for another company (the customer), in a business working relationship.

The IndieCon:

  1. Controls his/her own independent work location
  2. Controls his/her works hours, independently
  3. Provides his/her own equipment and tools
  4. Controls the degree of relationship with the customer
  5. Determine his/her own financial profit potential
  6. Generally provides same or similar service for other customers
  7. Pays taxes directly to government agencies for payments from customer

3. WFH-ers

''Work From Home-ers'' (WFH-ers) are employees, volunteers, or independent contractors who work on a temporary or permanent basis from their place of residence. Along with working from home, many WFH-ers are Digital Nomads as they take their work along on trips and/or during their day-to-day errands in their local communities.