Careers with ROGEE®
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Careers with ROGEE®
CEO's Message

Join the best of Digital Nomads, IndieCons, and WFH-ers.

Hello There,
Welcome to ROGEE, Inc. I am the founder and current CEO of ROGEE®, a privately held family-centric business; an equal opportunity virtual workspace where (1) we celebrate the diversity of the individuals who make up our work teams, and (2) we are enthusiastic about the uniqueness of the people that make up our customers all across the country. My name is Rogee Rogers, #2.
A World of Virtualization:
Our current workplace is a 100% Virtualized Workspace of remote teams coordinated by a roboboss. Our workforce is made up of independent individuals virtually connected and working as one unit through our proprietary cloud platform -- ROGEEBI (Business Intelligence software). We are located all across the country on our smartphones at Starbucks, on our laptops on the beach, on our tablets in skyscraper boardrooms, at our seclusive data centers, and at from the comfort of our homes. We are Digital Nomads, IndieCons, and WFH-ers serving our customers through the cloud.
An Atmosphere of Fun:
The most precious asset that any of us humans have on earth is TIME. Therefore, I encourage the workforce at ROGEE® to consider work at results-driven fun playtime. I believe that the best thing our work should give us is FREEDOM -- that is, the freedom to buy our time. Personally, every morning, I wake up feeling like a kid going to a candy store. Even on days that we have lots of fires (customer emergencies), I feel totally excited about the opportunity to get to work on those fires. Life is fun; enjoy it. This atmosphere of fun and freedom is what I have strived to create in the ROGEE® virtual workspace since I founded the company in the 1990s.
Open Project / Job Positions:
We are always seeking independent, entrepreneurial-spirited, self-motivated, people-loving, and team-player individuals to join our virtual workplace for any number of ROGEE® projects. We are always considering applicants for the following 3 positions: Tech Sales Representatives, Tech Accounts Managers, and Tech Customer Support Representatives. For other jobs, I invite you to visit the ''Careers with ROGEE'' section of our website ( to see all open positions.
In Conclusion:
I appreciate all the people who make up our workforce, so I am personally involved in the talent-seeking process. You may potentially hear directly from me; and/or, if you do come onboard with ROGEE®, it will be my honor to personally welcome you to our dynamic company.