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Careers with ROGEE®
Accounts Representatives

Project / Job Title:

Accounts Representative (Technical / Technology)


Existing ROGEE® Customers

Financial Pay:

Tier varies per total customer served

Work Schedule:

Set by vendor (YOU)

Worker Location:

Digital Nomad (Physically based in U.S.)

Worker Type:

IndieCon (Sole Proprietor, LLC, or Corporation)

Independent Contractor Notice: To be awarded (get hired for) ROGEE® projects, your Sole Proprietorship, LLC, or Corporation business must have been formed and fully functional in the subject matter. If ROGEE® is your first customer and/or you are specifically forming your business to first serve ROGEE®, you must have documents proving the formation of your company. For a multiple-person LLC or Corporation acting as a ROGEE® vendor, these Project or Job Requirements apply to the actual individual(s) within your company working on the ROGEE® project(s).

Project / Job Responsibility:

  • Provides technical support by researching and answering questions to ROGEE® users (existing customers and new prospects)
  • Troubleshooting technical problems reported by customers
  • Using pre-determined steps to solve technical requirements of customers

Project / Job Skills and Qualifications:

  • Post high-school level education or any quantitative and analytical discipline
  • More than 1 year experience in an account management role
  • Ability to match client's business requirements with product capabilities
  • Ability to make right decisions based on strong analytical reasoning skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills that build positive relationships with other team members
  • Strong ability to organize work schedule and time to ensure deadlines are always met

Project / Job Duties / Description:

  • Provide business, technical, and product knowledge in support of post sales activities in order to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Address product and services related questions and technical challenges
  • Educate clients on how existing and new product features and functionality work, and how it can contribute to their business growth
  • Monitor accounts to ensure usage and optimal performance
  • Frequently conduct and coordinate tactical operations reviews with clients
  • Act as the middle-man to support organization so as to ensure client escalations are resolved in due time
  • Partner with Account Sales Development teams to build relationships with decision makers, business contacts, and influencers