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Careers with ROGEE®
ROGEE® Business Philosophy

Maximize Your Possibilities

After you do ''a thing'' for some time, natural patterns get formed. In turn, those patterns become your customs or beliefs, which, in turn, become your ''tradition'' -- i.e. your default way of doing ''the thing'' -- this is your paradigm. Therefore, if you can recognize those patterns in their early stages and make the appropriate paradigm shifts, it is possible to be successful at doing ''a thing'' in perpetuity. The ROGEE® Business Philosophy is based on 5 patterns, which we have discovered after decades of doing business, and these patterns (Innovations, Quality, Solution, Possibility, and Ingenuity) are our company's core beliefs:


Always be moving forward.
  • Create your own path and make small improvements everyday.
  • Come up with your own ideas and work them to perfection.
  • Solve your own problems (be mindful of competitors and trends).


Continually strive to be your very best.
  • Do it right the first time -- always.
  • Let the customer know it's done right -- speak up.
  • Maintain the best quality possible at all levels -- always.


Solve your own problems in all ways possible.
  • Be mindful of, but don't look at the competition for ''how to'' rules.
  • Use the innovation (#1) and quality (#2) mottos to get things done right.
  • Involve the customer and get satisfaction confirmation when done.


Yes. It can be done; so get it done.
  • The moment someone says ''they can not,'' they are correct.
  • The moment someone says ''they can,'' they are on the right path.
  • I may need time and more resources, but YES! IT CAN BE DONE.


Be crazy. Be a genius. Be Yourself.
  • It is okay if someone thinks I am and/or my ideas are crazy and/or will not work.
  • It's okay when someone considers or calls me a genius, maybe I am. Yeah!
  • Keep it simple. Remain humble. Stay in control. Remember: You're the expert.


Lancaster, California, 2005 -- ''Everything we do is all potential and possibilities. We just have to do things long enough, and well enough, to gain a good measure of success for the duration of our turn. Very soon, these opportunities will all be over for us and it will be someone else's turn (hopefully, our own children) to take the mantle. Therefore, maximize your potential and take your possibilities to the limits in everything you do -- for no one knows what tomorrow holds.''
-- Rogee Rogers, II, Founder: ROGEE, Inc.