About ROGEE®


The ROGEE brand is a conglomerate of multiple privately held independent companies under separate ownerships, leaderships and management teams. The ROGEE brand includes ROGEE, Inc., ROGEE Real Estate Platform, ROGEE Auto Sales Platform, ROGEE Business Solutions, ROGEE Startups Accelerator, and ROGEE BIG DATA Technology. ROGEE works with partners and affiliates to connect B2B clients and B2C customers with products and services providers within the ROGEE ecosystem.


ROGEE.COM is a membership-based marketplace platform that connects buyers and sellers of various products and services relating, but not limited, to real estate, auto sales, general retail, and business solutions. The platform currently has over 65,000 users (consumers and businesses) that socially network on the platform on a daily bases. ROGEE.COM helps consumers enjoy deep discounts, manufacturer rebates, better services, and customer-centric commitments from participating businesses.

LOGIN to or CREATE your account. ROGEE User ''General Accounts'' are FREE of charge to create. Your account gives you access to products and services offered by private-party and business users on the ROGEE platform. To sell products and services on the ROGEE platform, businesses and private-party sellers must create a Business Account.


ROGEE, Incorporated is a California-based privately-held Corporation in operation since 1996. The company was founded by Rogee Rogers, its current CEO. The company has customers in various industries throughout the United States, many of whom have patronized ROGEE, Inc. for more than 15 years. The company provides subscription-based software, Internet, and Marketing solutions for small and large businesses. See list of solutions here.

ROGEE, Incorporated is also the parent company for the ROGEE STARTUPS ACCELERATOR, a project started in 2015, which invests funds and expertise into the startup of new companies in Southern California. ''Our objective with the ROGEE STARTUPS ACCELERATOR is to create a startups ecosystem of hundreds, possibly thousands of audacious new companies in the Mojave Desert / Antelope Valley, so that this region, which is currently known as the Aerospace Capital of America, will also become known as a Silicon Valley-type startup hub.'' -- Rogee Rogers.