ROGEE® Real Estate Platform, Inc.

ROGEE® Real Estate Platform, Incorporated is a tech startup poised to introduce a new type of cloud brokerage to the real estate sector as it will give consumers and industry professionals advanced on-line and off-line tools not currently available on the global market.

If you are an Internet-connected consumer seeking to sell your house or buy a dream home, rent or lease a great apartment, or even find that perfect vacation hide-out, you are going to absolutely love the ROGEE® Real Estate Platform.

As with many industries, the Internet has forever changed real estate. Powerful web-based and customer-centric platforms have given new-found controls to consumers and have changed, for the better, the way ordinary people buy, sell, rent, lease, and vacation. The ROGEE® Real Estate Platform is being programmed to provide time and money-saving shopping convenience for real estate consumers while helping industry professionals work smarter.
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P.O. Box 487, Beverly Hills, CA 90213
Telephone: 1-800-360-0397
Website: ROGEE.COM
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