ROGEE® Auto Buying Program | MEMBER PRICING

It's all about collective buying power. ROGEE connects motivated dealers with financeable ready-to-buy customers. It's a Win-Win for both dealer and buyer.
Federal, State, and local advertising laws require that auto dealers (all businesses, in general) honor their advertised prices for all customers even if a customer is not aware of the advertised prices at time of initial inquiry. The MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) for new vehicles and the Asking Price for used vehicles already have the dealer's profit margin included. Manufacturers offer additional incentives (e.g. hold backs, regional offers), which increase the dealers profit margin.
The right relationship (among the dealer, the buyer, and the lead provider [ROGEE]), along with the dealer's motivation level, and the buyer's buying-power all play key roles in getting a vehicle for the best price. As with any business, auto dealers have the freedom to negotiate prices based on their profit margin.

ROGEE, Inc. does not sell or lease vehicles nor negotiate individual sale transactions. All sales and lease transactions are between consumer and dealer/seller. However, because ROGEE MEMBERS are generally READY BUYERS (shoppers who are ready to buy as soon as possible), auto dealers are motivated and willing to lower their profit margins, thereby giving members additional discounts as applicable -- the ''Best Price.''