ROGEE® Internet Marketing

Your Customers are Online, Right Now!

The Internet is now the primary source of customers (prospective leads) for businesses in virtually all industries. The automotive industry, for example, generates over 96% of all new sales leads through the Internet. Therefore, a savvy modern business must implement various Internet solutions to maximize access to customers in its market. ROGEE, Inc. provides comprehensive Internet Marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes:

Internet Marketing Features Include:

  1. Full-featured Business Websites:
  2. We provide OEM-compliant retail and commercial template-based websites. We also provide private and highly customized websites.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
  4. We implement modern search engine-friendly logic to your website and provide the content needed to dominate the first page on search engines organic results. We keep up with the new secret formulas that Google uses. You WILL be on the 1st page of Google for your website's related keywords.
  5. SEM/PPC (Search Engine Marketing / Pay-per Click):
  6. For Google, Bing, and Yahoo -- if wanted, we will help your company buy pay-per click ads on the major search engines. For a small monthly fee, we will maintain your SEM accounts for the three major search engines.
  7. Social Media Management:
  8. We create and manage your business social networking ecosystem -- Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Yelp. We will also post related content periodically to keep your followers and friends engaged with your page.
  9. Reputation Engineering:
  10. ''What you don't know CAN hurt you.'' This is especially true for business. Negative posts and pages on the Internet about your company will divert your customers without you evening know about it. Therefore, with the ROGEE Reputation Engineering service, we will make sure there are more positive messages about your company on the Internet. We all counter all known negative posts accordingly.
  11. Digital Cross-channel Ad Buying:
  12. We buy and manage your AdChoices banners ads across the Internet. This is where, through AdChoices, your banners are advertised at popular engines, on various blogs, and independent websites.
  13. Micro-Moments Pages:
  14. ''Micro-moments'' is the Internet trend where people seek immediate and specific information (short articles and videos) that answer only their NOW, ''this very moment'' questions of HOW, WHEN, and WHERE. With this in mind, ROGEE produces stand-alone products web pages for your company that help customers quickly get the information they seek in their ''moments'' directly from you -- making you the likely company they will purchase from when they are ready for their WHERE moments, as in where to buy from.