Helping Dealers Succeed.

ROGEE® Dealer Services

Helping Dealers Succeed.

On one hand, the auto industry plays a vital role in the health of our national economy; and on the other hand, auto dealers play a vital role in the health of the auto industry. Therefore, it is a reasonable conclusion that: ''well-performing auto dealerships are a good thing for our nation's economy.'' With a commitment to the understanding that auto dealers matter greatly to our national and local economies, ROGEE has successfully worked with a large number of auto dealers since 1996 providing various solutions that help dealers' bottom-line.
ROGEE Dealer Services:
  1. BIG DATA Marketing for Dealers - Sell More Cars
  2. How to SELL MORE CARS and TRUCKS using Big Data, Micro-Moments, and Artificial Intelligence with ROGEE.

    The ROGEE Internet Gurus and Automotive Marketing Experts (BIG DATA Marketing Team) will provide your dealership with the real-time e-Methods, e-Processes, and e-Targeting you need to maintain a successful ''Big Data,'' ''Micro-moments,'' and ''Artificial Intelligence'' enabled automotive Internet presence. More
  3. Factory-Approved Dealer RETAIL Website
  4. ROGEE, Inc. provides manufacturer-compliant websites for several car brands including, but not limited to Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Toyota, Maserati, and Ford. We design, host, and maintain the website and we work with the dealer and the OEM continually to make sure that the dealer's desires are implemented and the OEM's requirements are appeased.
    RETAIL Website Features Include:
    • Reasonable Pricing
    • Domain Name Hosting
    • Compliant Website Template
    • New and Used Inventory Processing
    • New Models Update (text, images, videos)
    • Leads Forwarding (ADF 1.0 and plain text)
    • Staff Web Page (staff photos, videos, text)
    • Backend Tools (dealer team can update website)
    • OEM Engagement (continual work with Manufacturer)
  5. Standalone COMMERCIAL Vehicles Website
  6. Promote Your Fleet Business...

    ROGEE, Inc. is the leading provider of commercial vehicles websites for NISSAN dealers in the United States through the ROGEE Commercial Vehicles Manager (CVM) platform. We also provide CVM for RAM Trucks and FORD Commercial Truck dealers. ROGEE CVM helps a dealership's Feet department provide its local business customers with a beautiful standalone dealer-branded full-featured commercial vehicles-centric website.

    Dealer RETAIL vs. Dealer COMMERCIAL-specific Presentation:

    A ROGEE, Inc. research of business owners across the country shows that busy entrepreneurs do not have the time to wade through a dealer's congested RETAIL website seeking information on commercial vehicles. FACT: Your dealership's Fleet department is losing money by not providing stand-alone commercial vehicles-centric website where busy local entrepreneurs can quickly access information pertaining only to your commercial vans and trucks.

    Unfortunately, most Fleet dealerships that are not using the ROGEE CVM, only show a single or limited COMMERCIAL pages within their RETAIL website which (1) does NO justice to the dealership's fleet department, (2) does NO justice the OEM commercial vehicles investment, and (3) does NOT effectively capture business customers' interests. The ROGEE Commercial Vehicles Manager platform will solve these problems for your dealership with an inexpensive standalone commercial vehicles-centric website with all the bells and whistles.

    Brand vs. Brand Competition

    With the commercial vehicles market, your competition is more with other brands (e.g. NISSAN vs. RAM vs. FORD). Your standalone dealer-specific commercial vehicles website from ROGEE is design to help you capture and maintain your own space in this highly competitive sector with limited customers.
    COMMERCIAL Website Features Include:
    • Inexpensive Pricing
    • Domain Name Hosting
    • OEM-Compliant Website Template
    • New and Used Inventory Processing
    • New Models Update (text, images, videos)
    • Leads Forwarding (ADF 1.0 and plain text)
    • Staff Web Page (staff photos, videos, text)
    • Backend Tools (dealer team can update website)
    • OEM Engagement (continual work with Manufacturer)
  7. Auto Dealer Rebates Calculator
  8. for Auto Dealerships:

    The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator -- the first software of its kind for the auto industry -- automates the process of calculating pricing on a dealer's NEW and CPO inventory by processing the MSRP or Asking Price, Dealer Discounts, Factory Rebates, and Specialty Offers to present auto shoppers with the Best Prices at the dealer's websites.

    Packages and Features:

    The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator comes in 3 packages: Standard, Advanced, and Platinum. The Standard Package includes the first 9 features listed below, the Advanced Package includes the first 12 features listed below, and the Platinum Package includes the Advanced Package plus Brand Exclusivity of 100 miles radius. The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator is Software as a Service (SaaS) and is offered on a 12-month contract. The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator technology will help your auto dealership with the following:
    1. Free-up Your General Sales Manager's Time
    2. Your GSM will no longer need to spend considerable time at the start of each month tirelessly figuring out the current factory rebates on all the models. With ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator installed at your website, your GMS will have those number already calculated by our software.
    3. Free-up Your Internet Manager's Time
    4. Unfortunately, Internet Managers at dealerships everywhere are totally frustrated that they must spend their precious limited time creating web BANNERS and SPECIALS pages instead of concentrating on selling cars. We feel your pain. The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator gives each car in inventory a SPECIALS-type layout; plus your website will have a dedicated OFFERS section that lists all the current rebates; plus you'll have a standalone ''Rebates Marketing'' domain name. Now, you can propagate your SPECIALS everywhere without wasting your Internet Manager's time creating banners.
    5. Build a Knowledgeable Sales Team
    6. Factory rebates play a big role in closing more deals because everybody wants a good deal. The better your sales team is knowledgeable in current factory rebates calculations, the more deals they can possibly close. Furthermore, your team can direct prospective buyers to the OFFERS page at your website so these future customers can see the calculations for themselves, thereby creating transparency and building trust.
    7. Demonstrate Vehicle Pricing Transparency
    8. ''Discounting Vehicle Prices'' has become fierce competition among dealerships and, unfortunately, some Sales Managers seem to be in a race to the bottom. Fortunately, we know from research that consumers will gladly pay good money, your full asking price, if they believe your pricing process to be transparent and fair. Most of the disgruntled negative car buyer stories and the bad reputation that many dealerships or salespeople have happens because of ''pricing'' -- where buyers feel cheated. Change the narrative. Installing the ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator at your website provides transparency for your customers.
    9. Build Local Trust for Your Dealership
    10. Transparency builds trust. As a vehicle salesperson, manager or dealer principle, you may have heard from experts that people trust a speaker that gestures with open hands (palms showing) over a speaker with close hands (fist clenched as though hiding something). The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator helps buyers build trust in your pricing system because of your transparency (open hands). REMEMBER: because of the Internet, the buyer now controls the shopping process and if they have doubts about your dealership, they will quickly remove you from their ''Consideration Set'' and buy from someone else they trust. Don't let this happen.
    11. Fascinate Buyers with Technology Messages
    12. At this point in history (2017), Apple, creator of the iPhone, is one of the most valuable and wealthiest companies in the world. They built that wealth by capturing the world's fascination with technology through the brilliant presentation skills of the lat Steve Jobs. The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator makes a brilliant new technology message for your customers. Step up your game and let us show you how to capture the fascination of buyers in your market. We even have OEM-approved radio and video scripts you can use to excite buyers about your new technology -- Car Rebates Calculator.
    13. Get Easy Cross-Vendor Installation
    14. The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator can be installed into any auto dealer's website hosted by any Webmaster. The software is compatible with all browsers and all web-enabled devices -- desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Sure, you get the best implementation if you are in a ROGEE DealerSERVE website because the calculator works well with other ROGEE software. However, the calculator can be installed into any other dealer vendor's website, so you can keep your current vendor and still use this cutting-edge technology.
    15. Manufacturer Monthly Matrix Conversion
    16. Every month, each auto manufacturer creates a complicated matrix of rebates and incentives for new car sales, new car lease, and certified pre-owned vehicles that serve as guidelines that their dealer networks must follow. The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator is based on such matrix. We have developed a web-based matrix for the Brands that patronize ROGEE including, but not limited to Nissan, Honda, Infiniti, Toyota, Maserati, etc. You can login and make changes in real-time or, depending on your package (Standard, Advanced or Platinum), the ROGEE Support Team or the AdSyndica Support Team will update and manage your matrix every month.
    17. Calculate NEW Inventory and Certified Pre-Owned Inventory
    18. The ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator is based on your manufacturer's monthly rebates matrix. It is automatically applied to your NEW inventory. If you participate in your manufacturer's Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program, the calculator will also be applied to your CPO inventory.
    19. Your Own Dedicated ''Rebates Marketing'' Domain
    20. (Available with Advanced Package)
      Auto manufacturers have figured it out. Now, you can know the secret, too. For example, Honda uses for their vehicles, but does dedicated ''Rebates Marketing'' at; and Nissan uses for their vehicles, but does dedicated ''Rebates Marketing'' at With the ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator Advanced Package, you will get your own dedicated domain name just for your rebates. This additional domain name will also give your company additional placement in search engine results -- this enhances your Search Engine Marketing.
    21. Video Enhancement
    22. (Available with Advanced Package)
      ''Video'' is now the #1 consumer ''Consideration Set'' opener for all consumer age ranges. A consumer ''Consideration Set'' is a mental list of specific products, services and companies that a shopper will most likely consider when seeking to purchase a product or service. With videos of your vehicles in inventory, videos on your OFFERS page, and videos on your dedicated DOMAIN site, your Rebates Calculator becomes an even more power tool in getting prospects car buyers to select YOUR company over the competition. The most powerful result that any marketing effort can bring your company is to ''capture the consumer's mind'' to where YOU become the #1 product or company in their consideration set. The right videos will help this process.
    23. Inventory Distribution
    24. (Available with Advanced Package)
      Now that your dealership is ''the price leader'' in your market for your Brand, you may be interested in distributing your inventory to other destinations on the Internet where your inventory is displayed. Our ROGEE DealerSERVE platform is partnered with and distributes inventory daily to all major portals including,, OEM brand websites,,, CUDL, Carfax, TrueCar, Vast,, and even local newspaper portals. Your calculated prices will be distributed to the portals that you have established a relationship with.
    25. Brand Exclusivity (100 Miles Radius)
    26. (Platinum Package Only)
      Exclusive territorial rights of up to 100 miles radius are granted to your dealership for your specific Brand. For example, if you are NISSAN dealership and you sign-up for the Platinum Package, no other NISSAN dealership in 100 miles of you will be able to purchase the ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator for the duration of your contract. For 12 months you will have dibs on the markets and lockout the competition.

    Interested in the ROGEE Car Rebates Calculator for your dealership? Scroll below to the CONTACT ROGEE form on this page to tell us about your dealership and to request current pricing.

  9. Website Ad Banners Creator
  10. Monthly Ad Banners with AdSyndica

    AdSyndica is a combination of automated and hands-on solutions that create OEM-compliant Ad Banners for auto dealers' new and used inventory. Ads are based on the OEM's rebates and incentives matrix. AdSyndica provides a data-driven OFFERS platform that dealers can use to update their websites with current OEM rebates and incentives.

    How It Works:

    Every month, AdSyndica uses the Rebates and Offers Matrix from your OEM to create ad banners on specific new and used vehicles in your inventory. The ad banners are processes through your OEM for pre-approval. Once approved, the ad banners are then placed at strategic locations within your websites.
    AdSyndica Features Include:
    • Ad Banner Creation
    • Current Offers Database Management
    • Ad Syndication (distribution of banners and offers on the Internet)
    • Manufacturer-compliance Implementation
  11. Service SCHEDULER
  12. Because the Internet is now the #1 pipeline to success for all departments within an auto dealership, most auto manufacturers now require their franchised dealers to have real-time customer-controlled service scheduling available at their websites. The ROGEE SCHEDULER software is a powerful, easy-to-use, and reasonably priced web-based online scheduling for SERVICE departments.

    Save over 70% with ROGEE.

    Comparing prices with other vendors, your dealership can save over 70% on monthly fees for a Service Scheduler when you use switch to the ROGEE SCHEDULER.
    Service SCHEDULER Features Include:
    • Real-time Service Scheduling for Auto Service Customers
    • Back-end Tool for Service Dept. to Block out Dates and Times
    • Automatic Scheduling Based on Your Service Department Hours
    • Service Coupons Creator with e-Commerce Database System
    • Seamless Connectivity with other ROGEE technology
  13. Sales Team SCHEDULER
  14. The ROGEE SCHEDULER software can also be used for real-time customer-controlled appointments scheduling (e.g. test drives) for the SALES departments. Don't lose another customer because of lack of this simple and inexpensive technology.
    Sales Meeting SCHEDULER Features Include:
    • Real-time Sales Meetings (e.g. test-drive) Scheduling
    • Back-end Tool for Salespersons to Block out Dates and Times
    • Automatic Scheduling Based on Your Sales Department Hours
    • Seamless Connectivity with other ROGEE technology
  15. Coupons Creator (CARNNECT)
  16. CARNNECT is proprietary ROGEE Coupons Creator software that gives businesses the ability to generate various types of text-based and/or image-based coupons for their websites. Once created, coupons can be shown at different section within the same website or featured across multiple websites.
    CARNNECT Features Include:
    • Unlimited Text or Image Banners Ads
    • Automatic Ad Start Date
    • Automatic Ad Stop Date
    • Custom Link for Ads
    • Search Engine-friendly Ads
  17. Staff Web Page
  18. Online Personnel Manager

    Show off your people because in most businesses, the most unique element of your company is its people -- your staff. The ROGEE Staff Web Page software is a simple, but powerful web-based tool that helps businesses organize their workforce's information at one centralized portal to show a consistent staff directory online. It has been proven that having an effective and informative personnel page at your business website creates employee sense of belonging and also helps to build a positive relationship between your customers and your staff.
    Features Include:
    • Full-featured Staff Page for each personnel
    • Master Login Access
    • Individual Staff Login Access
    • Built-in Staff Reviews Tools (peer-to-peer + supervisor-to-subordinate)
    • Employee-Of-The-Month Automation Tool (increase morale)
    • Staff Photos (up to 100) and Videos Manager
    • Unique Staff Web Page (share the link among multiple company websites)
  19. Inventory Distribution
  20. ROGEE Data Sender

    With the popularity of a plethora of Internet leads sources including search engines inventory results, autos sites, and social media platforms, it's necessary to distribute a dealer's fresh inventory to strategic portals on a daily basis. Once your inventory is in the ROGEE system, you can have it distributed to any destination on the Internet including, but not limited to popular sites like,, OEM brand websites,,, CUDL, Carfax, TrueCar, Vast,, and even local newspaper portals.

    Data Sources:

    There are multiple ways you can get your inventory date into the ROGEE system including direct pull from your DMS where we login to retrieve your data every night; or DMS feed where your DMS is programmed to automatically send feed to us; or third-party feed where another company will send use your inventory every evening; or use upload where you can create the individual cars using the ROGEE software.

    Data Normalization:

    Fix up your inventory so that every vehicle shows all the main features, packages, along with a unique DEALER COMMENTS that tells a story about the vehicle. Research has soon that vehicles that have unique comments sell faster that vehicles with only features list. ''Data Normalization'' means that all your vehicles in inventory have the most basic data (information) so that shoppers can make informed decision about your vehicles.

    Vehicle Images Uploader:

    You can upload up to 100 images per vehicle into the ROGEE Data Sender platform, which is powered by ROGEE DealerSERVE. Once an image is uploaded, you can resize it at the click of a button; and you can even brand your images with your company info.

    Image Branding:

    ''Image Branding'' is when you overlay your dealerships' information (e.g. domain name, address, phone number, etc.) on vehicles photos so that your dealership will stand out on third-party portals where other dealers' vehicles are shown. With ROGEE Data Sender, you can brand the first image of every vehicle at the click of a button.
    ROGEE Data Sender Features Include:
    • Feed Acceptance from DMS (Dealer Management Systems)
    • Feed Acceptance from Third-party Inventory Distributors
    • Vehicle Photos Uploader (dealer can upload to up 100 images per vehicle)
    • Vehicle Data Enhancer (dealer can add comments and full data per vehicle)
    • Automated Distribution (the ROGEE system will automatically feed all destinations)
    • Manual Distribution (at the click of a button, send inventory whenever you want)
    • Vehicle Photos Branding (automatically over-lay dealership info on car images)
    • Image Branding (automatically over-lay dealership contact in on car images)
      • Custom Overlay Message (e.g. contact info)
      • Custom Overlay Image on Image (e.g. staff photo)
      • On and Off (Add and Remove) Overlay Button
      • Image Uploader (100 images per vehicle)
      • Image Size Recognition (640, 800, 1024)
      • Image Resizer (640, 800, 1024 pixels)
  21. Custom Automotive Software
  22. Your Ideas Made Real.

    Over the years, ROGEE, Inc. has developed custom automotive software for some of our dealers who had specific needs that were not being met by any vendor. If you have a software idea or need, talk with us, we may be able to help.
    Custom Automotive Software Examples:
    • BID THAT CAR -- developed in partnership with a NISSAN dealer
    • iCAROFFER -- developed for a VOLVO and VOLKSWAGEN retailer
    • BASKET PRICING -- developed for a FORD and LINCOLN dealer
    • SCHEDULER -- developed for a NISSAN and INFINITI dealer
    • ROCOCO -- developed for a large AUTO MALL with 15 auto Brands
    • PEDIGREE PREOWNED -- developed for a HONDA and MASERATI dealer
    • PRICE MANIPULATOR -- developed for large AUTO GROUP with 10 Brands
    • DMS INVENTORY INVERTER -- developed for a GMC, BUICK NISSAN dealer
  23. Leads Referral Services for Dealers
  24. Internet Marketing for Dealers
  25. Video Marketing for Dealers
  26. Complete Digital Marketing
  27. Customer Incidentals