ROGEE® Video Marketing

''Video'' is the #1 consumer ''Consideration Set'' Opener

Ongoing research at GOOGLE (operator of the world's #1 [] and #2 [] most-visited search engines) and NIELSON (the world's leader in consumer behavior analysis) show that ''video'' is now the #1 consumer ''Consideration Set'' opener for all consumer age ranges. A consumer ''Consideration Set'' is a mental list of specific products, services and companies that a shopper will most likely consider when seeking to purchase a product or service.

With videos of your vehicles in inventory, videos on your OFFERS page, and videos on your dedicated DOMAIN site, your Rebates Calculator becomes an even more power tool in getting prospective car buyers to select YOUR company over the competition. The most powerful result that any marketing effort can bring your company is to ''capture the consumer's mind'' to where YOU become the #1 product or company in their consideration set. The right videos will help this process.
From Millennials to Baby-boomers, from undecided browsing shoppers to actual ready-to-buy-now prospects, ''video'' is the sure way to convert casual browsers into buying customers. A video that is simple, clever, informative, and micro-moments driven (i.e. answers a specific customer's right the moment question) is the fastest way to get your message across, now-a-days.

Did you know? YouTube is now the #1 spot for TV watching, beating out all the major networks. YouTube is the world's #2 largest search engine and #1 video-sharing platform yielding trillions of searches results each year. The ROGEE Video Marketing solution is based on the YouTube platform.

ROGEE Video Marketing Features Include:

  1. Original Video Creation:
  2. Send us your footages (e.g. clips from your smartphone) and we will edit them accordingly to create fun and micro-moments driven videos for your customers.
  3. Existing Video Manipulation:
  4. We will use your current videos (e.g. previous TV commercials) to re-create nice videos for your company. We also use your OEM-produced running footages and ROGEE-produced footages to create unique videos for your company.
  5. YouTube Account Management:
  6. We will create and manage a ''Business'' YouTube account specific to your company. Research shows that after watching a powerful video, prospective customers usually take specific actions. We know what those actions are and will capture the traffic and leads for your business. More leads = more sales = high profits for your company.
  7. Social Media Video Posting:
  8. For a more widespread reach, we will post your YouTube videos to other social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and other sites where you have existing accounts. By the way if you need help creating and managing your business social platforms, see ROGEE Internet Marketing solutions.
  9. Search Engine Video Results:
  10. Through our videos optimization technical know-how, your potential customers will find your videos in search engines results, particularly at, giving you additional placement in the organic searches. This additional placement in search results, usually on the first and second pages, pushes your competitors further down, giving you sooner access to potential customers. Let's help you dominate your market.
  11. Unique Domain Name Videos Channel:
  12. The ROGEE Video Marketing solution includes a videos-only unique domain name (e.g. where your videos will be displayed. This is in addition to your YouTube channel. Why? Makers of mobile devices seek content from dedicated platforms (e.g. Apple's Siri prefers Along with feeding dedicated devices, your unique domain name will give you another placement in search engine organic results, pushing your competitors down still further.
  13. Your Own In-House Video Production Department:
  14. If you have the financial resources and want to setup your own in-house video production department, the ROGEE Team can help you with setup, implementation, and best practices. You can quickly upload videos so that your company can continue to have a strong video presence on the Internet. We will help you purchase, setup, and run the best equipment for your budget.
  15. Video Distribution Services:
  16. Feed your videos to third-party websites. Our Video Team collaborates with ROGEE DealerSERVE to get your videos distributed to other locations where your products are distributed including OEM sites, local directories, national portals, etc.